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I’m a Japanese Businessman born and living in Tokyo.

In this city everyone is busy working hard to achieve their desires. As it turns out, those minds made this city more chaotic and unorganized. At first, I didn't like such aspects of the city but these days by accepting this mess my interest has changed to recording these scenes as street photograph and documentary.

I also like jazz music and playing the tenor saxophone. Street photography and Jazz music both allow you to improvise the medium and emit the city energy. This is the reason I like these.

All my works were taken on my way home from work and weekends.


#1 A Glimpse at Photovogue at Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milan 
 June 13th - August 10th 2013

#2 The International photography Photolux Festival Lucca 
 November 23rd -December 15th 2013


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